What if I told you, we are you. Yes, We are the same person as you. Ok, wanna hear a story?
Let's begin...
Once one of our team members was thinking about different projects he did previously. He went on searching his drive folders and GitHub and you know what he found?
He found an idea. An idea to preserve all the projects like his. He called his friends and explained the idea and boom Jigyashu came out. But what exactly is Jigyashu? You might have different questions about it. So here's the answer.
Team jigyashu
We all know about physical libraries and E-libraries, don't we? So basically, we read books from some authors which are available in the library. Author books are never lost and the readers can have knowledge about that book and what if he wants again something but from a different author? Again he goes to the library, reads the book. He reads the author's name. He gains knowledge. So, now you might have got an idea about Jigyashu hmm? 
Exactly we are the same as the library. We are on an initiative to bring all projects under one roof from all over the country.
Each year thousands of projects are created in Nepal. I am not talking about the huge major projects only. Here, we are dealing with very small to huge projects. We will be accepting any kinds of projects either it’s DIY home projects, school-level projects, college semester projects, exhibition projects, semester subject projects, or any kind of ideas you have implemented or projects you have done. We have decided to launch this website as a place or you can say as a hub for all the project ideas and projects from all over the country. Jigyashu is not a certain level page or channel. It’s the idea, the idea to bring all the amazing projects under one roof from all over Nepal. You can search for different ideas and projects under amazing ideas from different categories on our website. 


Ready for Action?

Let's build the ecosystem of ideators.
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