BAALA : From Waste to Wealth

Published on: July 2, 2021

Waste is a major problem for human beings. Different kinds of pollutions occur and with that variety of diseases have been risen from time to time. So, Baala from waste to wealth here comes as a solution to the problem but the question arises here,

What exactly is Baala and who started it?

"Baala: From Waste to Wealth” is an initiative to build a machine that converts keratin wastes like waste hair, feather, fur into amino acid-based fertilizer.

We will be creating a smart machinery which consists of the use of modern robotics and IoT to mechanically and chemically treat the keratin wastes to produce fertilizer in a cheap and efficient manner without any human interference. So, using the power of modern mechatronics we will be extracting amino acids from the keratin wastes that can be used as an efficient amino acid based fertilizer, which costs almost one third of the cost of present market fertilizers.

Not only cheap, but amino acid fertilizers are said to be 20% efficient in comparison to present fertilizers of the market. Nepal, being one of the countries that imports almost 2 billion Nepalese Rupees worth fertilizer per year from neighbouring nations, we have come up with this idea to reduce and even omit this import trade in future time. Our project aims to reach out from a prototype level to a level that can even help to enhance the country's economy. Nepal being one of the agriculture-dependent nations, this idea can also be highly beneficial to them in the case that it saves their unwanted expense in fertilizer and efficient and timely delivery of fertilizer to them.

Baala focuses on solving the problems of farmers of our country using the modern power of science and technology. In a country where fertilizer is being imported from neighboring countries in a high manner, we came up as a rescue. Even though NRS 18 billion worth fertilizer is imported in Nepal every year, it's still not enough and timely supplied to farmers due to lack in quality and quantity. So, using an environmental pollutant as an input to a highly efficient and adequate amount of fertilizer, we came up with this solution for the cause of agriculture problem solving.

Baala has been successfully experimented over laboratories and small farms which have provided positive results in every case. It acted as a plant booster in cases of crops like legumes, spinach, etc. Also, the machine is being built and the overall process of our production is fully zero waste. So, this serves as a win-win situation when launched officially.
Our biggest challenge is taken to be funding opportunities. We have all supports from private as well as governmental organizations but we lack funding for the business launching of our project. This is the biggest support we require.

Team Members: yogesh upreti

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