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Big Day for Nepal in Esport

As we all know, Nepal is heading towards the digital era and with this, there is an opening for the Esport tournaments in Nepal. As there is not so much popularity of Esport in Nepal but the people or we can say Esport players are getting recognization internationally nowadays. 

Though Many People are still unaware of the huge market and the opportunity of Esport tournament, every Nepali feels proud when they see Nepali flag 🇳🇵 in International Medium.

Drs gaming
Pic src :- RONB

Today is the BIG DAY for Nepali people. Two Nepali teams DRS & DE are representing Nepal in the biggest PUBG tournament in the world, PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP (PMGC) which is starting today with a massive prize pool of almost Nrs. 72 crores. The top 40 teams from the World are participating in this mega tournament. ❤️🇳🇵

This is a very huge amount and a great opportunity for Nepali teams and also can be considered as a gateway to open and aware people in Nepal about Esports tournament.

Hope for the good and good wishes to the team❤️

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