What is Jigyashu ?

Jigyashu is an idea, an idea to bring all the projects under one roof. 

On what issues do Jigyashu focuses on?

- Limited access to seniors projects.
- No access to similar idea people.
- Many Companies are unknowns about students amazing ideas and projects.
- Repeated project in college but no place to find the better one.

What type of account do I need to create?

You can upload project by first registering yourself on our website. After you login you have now created student account, you can upload project and view other students and search for partners with same vision and idea.

Do I have to pay?

A  big NO. It's absolutely free and you can upload your number of projects.

What can of projects should I upload?

It depends on you. You can upload any type of projects. You must register by original name so others can find you and help each other easily.

What are other benefits?

We will be collaborating with colleges and different institutions.
We are planning to launch recruitment process through our app.
Companies can get the kind of person they are in need for their projects.

Have further questions?

Message us here

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Ready for Action?

Let's build the ecosystem of ideators.
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