Flutter Project : For Beginners

Published on: July 3, 2021

Building mobile apps is your dream? You want to become an amazing mobile developer but you have no idea where to begin, which language to choose and how can I start my journey? Here is a simple flutter project for beginners with code available.

But why choose a flutter ? What is it ?

flutter for beginners

Flutter is a UI toolkit for creating fast, beautiful, natively combined applications for all the platforms like mobile, web, and desktop with a single codebase and one programming language. Its awesome feature is that it is free and open source. It was initially developed by the giant company Google.

Flutter apps use the Dart programming language for creating an app. The dart programming shares several same features as other programming languages, such as Kotlin and Swift, and can be trans-compiled into JavaScript code.


Excited to build a simple yet useful beginner's app just like above? Let's see what does this app does and begin our first flutter project for beginner's.

We often buy something. Our expenses need to measured somehow so we can moderate our expenditure as per our income or we can say we need to find out the total expenses, we do in a day, month, or year. We can set the duration as per our use.

So here's an app developed on flutter. The main motive to develop this app is to record our personal expenses throughout the year.

Stateless widgets and stateful widgets both are used here. Rows, columns, Containers singlescrollview, and different other widgets are also used together to create this app. By watching the code you will have more idea about it. Code link is provided below.

 This app contains all most all the features which are needed to record your expenses. But it is in the beta phase so you may not be able to find some features. Please leave a comment if you want me to add some features to it.

Thank you!

Team Members: yogesh upreti

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