How to make plastic flower vase at home?

Published on: July 1, 2021

Isn't she Cute? Yes, she is but you might be thinking, is it that easy to build this simple yet beautiful plastic flower vase at home? And the answer is Yes. The story begins like this.

Once I was sitting nearby the windows in my house. It was all silent in the road area. Everybody was locked inside the house. I was alone and bored too. The condition was getting worse day by day. I was randomly scrolling my news feed on Facebook and I saw the news from my high school.

I was happy and excited too to read it out, as it said 'The Leo Club of Dharan Vijayapur have tried something special by collecting more ideas and views regarding proper waste management and utilization to serve our environment. '

As I was always an environment lover and thinking many ways of how can we control the environmental pollution and different activities that harm the environment? I was excited to learn and make things from the different equipment available in my house.

Since the summer season is running, I thought we all have an empty plastic bottle of cold drinks. Then let's make some interesting stuff from that plastic bottles. Our spare time can also be utilized properly.

So,how can we build such a beautiful plastic vase at home?

Since, we all may have plastic bottles which are remaining uselessly in our home.In this time of lockdown lets use our spare time in making some beautiful and interesting stuffs. Recycling turns things into other things, which is like magic.

Now you might be thinking what are the necessary equiqments to make plastic flower vase?

1. Plastic bottles 

We all have plastic bottles at home which we often throw after using it. This time why not utilizing it for creating some beautiful artworks?

2. Scissors and knives

Especially you must have one edge cutting material. So you will have something to cut the bottle in the desired shape.

3.Brushes and Colors

Brushes and colors are used to make the plastic attractive to other people and also your room more beautiful.

4. Creative idea.

Ha, don't be afraid. I just mean something creative, funny, an idea like a face in an above plastic bottle. If you're more of an artist person you will definitely make more awesome arts. I know.

Still Confused on how to make it ?

Team Members: Meena Parajuli

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