What can be done with the used masks?

Published on: July 3, 2021

The Corona pandemic has brought a huge effect on the life of every being. We are bounded with masks either working in-home or outside for some works. As a result, the number in the use of masks has also increased but have you ever thought about what happens to those used masks?

The majority of masks are manufactured from the long lasting plastic material and if we neglected can persist in the environment for decades and hundreds of many years.

We have seen the problem caused by the corona pandemic but the unseen problem has come in together with it, mask pollution. Thinking about removing all those problems residing inside the home is also not possible and also we cannot go outside due to the pandemic . So, what might be the alternative ? Can we reuse it? If yes, then how can we reuse it ?

Thinking about all those problems and identifying the solution about the thrown masks , I thought, why not start from myself ?

I made different items using masks that can be used in my daily life and home. Want to know how I did that and what I made?


  • Used masks can be contaminated.
  • Handle it following proper safety measures.
  • Consider sterilising it properly first before its further use.

Steps that should be followed to make a purse out of mask :-

  • At first, I washed them properly with soap and water.
  • Then I let it dry in the sun.
  • Then I cut on both the sides of the mask which has the elastic thread that goes into the outer part of our ear.
  • I have now three masks since I cut three.
  • Then I sewed them together.
  • With some creativity, I included some decoration in the joining point of three masks.
  • I sewed all the portions on the outer area leaving only one side open.
  • On the openside, I attached the zip so that the materials I am going to keep inside the purse don't fall.
TA DA, My purse is ready.

With that, not only a pencil purse, it can also be used as a first aid box. I also made a small flower pot from it.

Team Members: Monika Shrestha

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